Standard Surveillance Review

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Preparation for an EVMS Compliance Review
Standard Surveillance Review

When an EVMS is required on a contract, expect your government customer to conduct some type of ongoing surveillance of your EVMS regardless if your EVMS has been formally accepted/validated or not. This begins at contract award and continues for the life of the contract. The government customer requires assurance that a contractor’s EVMS remains compliant with the 32 guidelines in the EIA-748, is effectively applied on the project, and continues to provide reliable and timely information for effective management visibility and control.

H&A’s mock surveillance review process focuses on how a given project has implemented an EVMS and is designed to help the project personnel, particularly the project manager and control account managers, prepare for the review. H&A uses questionnaires, rating forms, interview techniques, and data assessments that closely simulate a government review environment. H&A conducts an assessment of the EVMS and how it has been implemented for each of the 32 guidelines. Interviews are conducted with the project manager, control account managers (CAMs), schedulers, functional managers, and other project personnel. Data traces are also performed with key personnel such as the CAMs and functional managers. The interviews and data traces are use to verify project personnel have a full understanding of their scope of work as well as how they use the EVMS to manage their work. The deliverable is an out brief or detailed report that documents the interview results and fact-based findings with specific recommendations for improvements or actions to implement prior to the government review.


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