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What is an EVMS Storyboard?

A very important task in system development is the creation of storyboards. Storyboards are live descriptions of the project execution process. They contain real examples of all forms/reports/documents, which are arranged in a process flow, to demonstrate how these items move through your organization. It is essential to understand the flow of information from contract award to final delivery. This is critical for a complete system design and subsystem development. After the system design is complete, the storyboard is used to demonstrate implementation of the new processes. The storyboard portrays all of the various interactions among the different subsystems, organizations, and documents that make up the management system. Storyboards are absolutely necessary for illustrating how that system functions. Later they become the cornerstone of the training the system's users.

Our consultants are experienced in assisting with storyboard development and creating the associated narratives which describe the system’s features and exhibits. During the implementation phase, a single thread trace of a selected project data element is run through of all the documents on the storyboard to assure that all project management artifacts are integrated into the total system layout.

The storyboard is an essential tool for demonstrating to a government customer how the subsystems integrate and provides a complete picture of the total management system. During customer system reviews, a storyboard walk-through provides the review team members with a complete and consistent understanding of your processes and expected inputs and outputs along with clearly defined organizational responsibilities.


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