Guide to Managing Programs Using Predictive Measures

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Guide to Managing Programs Using Predictive Measures

Guide to Managing Programs Using Predictive Measures – dated March 26, 2021

The NDIA Integrated Program Management Division (IPMD) Predictive Measures Guide discusses more than 30 industry and government measures that can assist program managers in meeting program objectives. The intention was to compile a set of measures that provide a comparison of current program status against the planned measures. While the guide does discuss the use of EVM metrics, it also emphasizes that EVM as a management approach should be supplemented with additional measures and metrics during the monitoring and controlling phase of a project to gain a more comprehensive understanding of current performance for effective decision making. These additional measures and metrics can provide valuable predictive indicators that can be used to develop and implement effective mitigation plans.

The guide is a useful document for anyone looking for standard approaches to manage programs. The guide is intended to provide a “menu” of typical measures that could be applied – it is not intended to provide a new set of standards that would be required to assess program performance. Anyone using this document will need decide which measures are most appropriate for their business environment or project unique needs.

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